Flip Flap body only system

The experience and expertise of C.C.A.G. Crotti allow the company to offer its customers a wide range of innovative brushes:

  • Flip Flap body only;
  • Flip Flap bristled;
  • Abrasive brushes;
  • and much, much more.

The Flip Flap system is made in heat- and chemical resistant nylon, which means these brushes can be used in countless industrial applications.

The Flip Flap segments are available to customers without bristles. The length of the standard flip flap body is 100 mm, however, depending on the size of internal and external diameters, customers can choose from 9 different measurements.

On request, the company can send you a catalogue, in which you'll find Flip Flap and collar sizes, or simply download the technical specifications.


Bristled Flip Flap system

C.C.A.G. Crotti, who have been a market leader for many years with a wide range of technical and industrial brushes, present a modular cylindrical brush construction system.

This is called the Flip Flap System: this system is formed by cylindrical brush components which have standard length teeth at the sides which fit against one another on a tube to form a roller brush.

The various elements that make up the brush thereby formed are then blocked at the ends of the roller, with final toothed collars that have three screws at 120° and a roller brush that is axially and radially balanced on the body support shaft.

The catalogue includes variants with synthetic, abrasive or natural bristles, depending on the customer's requirements. For each flip flap model three types of bristles are available:

  • normal density;
  • medium density;
  • thick density.

The length of the flip flap is a standard 100 mm. For further clarification about measurement characteristics and special requirements, you can request a catalogue for a specific product or download the technical specifications below.


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