C.C.A.G. Crotti Srl produces technical brushes of high quality, intended for any industry or application.
Their considerable experience ensures they manufacture products of the highest standard, including:

  • brushes for technicaland industrial uses;
  • brushes for professional use;
  • brushes for earth moving equipment;
  • brushes for urban sanitation;
  • brushesin steel, wood and various metals;
  • brushes for domestic use.

At its factory in Osio Sopra, in the province of Bergamo, the company can produce endless types of brushes to customer specifications, using either traditional or mechanical methods, thanks to its vast collection of specialised machinery. To this end, the company's experts are at your disposal to find brushes that meet your specific needs exactly.


brush manufacture in Bergamo

C.C.A.G. Crotti, a leader in the field, owes its great importance to the secular skills, handed down from generation to generation, of the brush-making art.

It is said that sometime towards the end of 1700, one of the family's ancestors, whilst working in the fields, caught sight of some Austrian soldiers camped nearby, who were making rudimentary brushes to groom their horses. On returning home, he thought this might be a way of starting a profitable business, and this work has involved each generation of the Crotti family ever since.

Today, the company has been transformed into a modern concentration of advanced technological facilities, which have allowed it to become one of the most modern and competitive firms in technical and industrial brush manufacture.


C.C.A.G. Crotti has become a leader in its own field, thanks to centuries of experience in the art of making brushes being handed down from one generation to the next; quality and customer service are the basic culture on which the firm was founded and built up.

The industrial brush sector is the area in which the company focuses its efforts, with the aim of working towards Total Quality and Efficiency to continuously meet the needs expressed and implied by their customers.

From their first certification in 1994 under the ISO 9001 standard, up to their present day compliance under ISO 9001: 2008, Quality has been a daily opportunity to radically improve organisation and efficiency across the entire production chain.


moulds for brushes

The global consultancy that C.C.A.G. Crotti offers its customers derives mainly from the high preparation and professionalism of their technical design department. It begins with purely design aspects, or directly from a simple idea, and arrives, after spending some time alongside the customer, at the final product.

The company can solve any problem, from the simplest to the highly complicated: this makes C.C.A.G. Crotti the ideal partner.

Their fusion of highly specific technologies, constantly updated high-tech machinery and wide experience in mould construction and moulding, has enabled the company to achieve a high degree of specialization in the plastics processing industry.

The moulds are made using technologically advanced machinery, connected directly to a three-dimensional CAM system that can handle 4/5 axes,for the workloads required.

The best solutions are born from these synergies, allowing customers to achieve better results than they anticipate.


Die-Casting C.C.A.G. Crotti

Die casting is the concluding and implementation phase of any creative project, and takes us from the design department to the mould-building department.
C.C.A.G. Crotti is specialized in the transformation of technical material and engineering plastics like PP, PA, ABS and PS.

The moulding department uses up to date injection molding machines with add-on equipment that pushes automation to the maximum and is managed by highly skilled employees, trained by years of field experience as well as via continuous training.

The ultimate aim is to obtain a high quality product at a competitive price, using the best technologies available.


manufacturing brushes

Faced with increasingly stringent requirements in an increasingly competitive market, C.C.A.G. Crotti firmly intends to stay in the race and win the challenge. How? Differentiating itself by having superior products.

By investing in automated production facilities, in all individual areas of work, a decision was taken to adopt an operating method in which all of the production stages (the moulding process for making the brush, finishing, assembly, inspection and measurement of defects) occur automatically, exempting the probability of error inherent in repetitive human control.

This experience in the automation field allowed this Bergamese company to develop its own way of working towards consistent high quality manufacture, and to achieve its quality targets.


brushes warehouse

The functionality for each production phase requires rapid, efficient and well-organized logistics.
To keep these components operating at their best, C.C.A.G. Crotti has distinct workshop areas at its disposal:

  • one dedicated to storing the moulds, where care and order allow production tools to be stored efficiently and securely;
  • ‚Äčthe other used for storing finished products and semi-finished raw materials, handled using dynamic automated software that lets you know about the availability of goods in stock in real time.

Space optimization, attention to stock and continuous coordination with the production department, allow the company to satisfy its customers using logistics policies, based on full coordination between the warehouse for outgoing goods and, directly via KAN BAN suppliers, lines produced for customers. For C.C.A.G. Crotti, customer service is a fundamental part of the objectives of corporate quality.

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