The catalogue of products offered by C.C.A.G. Crotti also includes several accessories for brushes, including steel wool discs, sandpaper discs, splash guard collars for brushes and much more. You can find a few examples on this page, but under each category, you can download the detailed technical specifications for the accessories line.

Also available are steel wool discs which are fitted to the drive disc, and steel wool for crystallization treatments.
This disc can only be supplied in stainless steel.

steel wool disc
Stainless steel wool disc pads


The company, based in Osio Sopra in Bergamo, offers a line of sandpaper discs, which are available in different grit sizes, and are fitted to the drive of a sander using the appropriate fastening screw.

coarse sandpaper disc
medium-grained sandpaper disc
fine-grained sandpaper disc


An accessory used to cover brushes to avoid annoying water splashes during the washing procedure.
This splashback-suppression system is very easy to use, as you can put it on or take it off of the brush by simply pressing with your hand.

Whilst in use, the rubber strip that wraps the brush wears evenly with the bristles.
The splash guard in the catalogue can be used to cover brushes with the following diameters: 270 mm, 305, 380, 410.

splash collar
mud guards for brushes


The company's catalogue includes PAD discs in a range of colours, which can be fitted onto the pad holder when you're carrying out different types of cleaning operations.

Pad disc various colours
disc Pad


C.C.A.G. Crotti also produces several attachable flanges, for hard brush discs more common in the field of machinery for cleaning floors.
The company provides all the mounting templates for disc brushes or for towing roller brushes. On request, they also produce customized flanges.

flanges for brushes
customized flanges
flange attachments for brushes
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